Ahoy Surfer,

Why don't we be solving puzzles,

Wherein All Else, does see Muddles!

In the Maze that we name our world, on the Adventure that we call Life, hurdles & pits are often what we meet - on our paths to our dreams and goals or on paths previously unknown. They block our progress, restrain & bound us; but tears and fiery words do seldom come in aid. A pit needs to be bridged & a hurdle needs to be climbed if not jumped. These thorns we face, are rarely thorns - they're puzzles, that exist & need to be solved.

We often give up, overcome by the pains or our inabilities in solving it to our aid, even though we often may be each others missing jigsaw piece. Come join our Hive, to have our resources pooled - our minds, intellect, knowledge skills & most importantly, our time, to learn, solve, invent & innovate, creations that'll inspire. Come to H-Space to Think, Build, Have Fun & Share.

Always Welcoming,

Mavericks like You.

Join Us!

A Final Note

Please remember, however, every hacker & cracker is ethical. Whether you call one ethical, depends completely on how your 'ethics' align mutually.

Hence, let this be made clear right now, that our ethics run perceivable anti-parallel, but actually perpendicular to corporate culture.

We believe in liberty & equality - of all forms. Liberty of one's mind & body - organic or otherwise. We don't know who or what we are, but we certainly are against all forms of totalitarianism, be it organized religion, capitalism or socialism or any other form of centralized, bureaucratic, oligarchial governing structure, that takes away a sentient living individual's rights, to do & be whatever ze pleases, however ze pleases, unless zir actions directly affect another individual adversely, a displeasure to which is clearly indicated or has been indicated by the victim.

We believe in the attitude of sharing, aiding & working together to make our lives & this world, better.

Happy Hacking!

What is a Hackerspace?

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people share their interest in tinkering with technology, meet and work on their projects, and learn from each other.

Think of it like marriage of a laboratory, a classroom, a workshop & a club. It's self-sustaining, but not-for-profit organization, where the members meet & share ideas, skills, labour & other resources, to make the community grow & develop.

What would happen in H-Space?

We'd, at H-Space, be working on various projects, involving robotics, computer programing, artificial intelligence, cryptography, telephony, networking, device fabrication, additive ( 3D Printing ) & subtractive ( Drilling, Sawing, Lathing & Cutting ) manufacturing, aquaponics, vertical farming, cooking, sewing, synthesizing, and many other skills, all of which conglomerates into a word, 'hacking'. We'd, as hackers, tread across various disciplines, from astrophysics to phillosophy, chemistry to sociology, economics to biology, mathematics to music, languages to photography, engineering to fashion designing, and so on, in the multidimensional space, spanned by knowledge eternally.

Here, we'd teach, learn & share, our knowledge, skills, abilities and resources, working hard & enjoying, making our hive a better network to live in.

We believe that every problem we encounter in the world or in our lives, are but puzzles waiting to be solved, that we, by our intellect, ingenuity & industry, would be able to solve our way out of any dilemma.

So, let us be curious cats & by logic, crawl out of every trap we fall into.

To Hacking!

E-Mail ID: hspace2inf@protonmail.ch
Phone No.: 8017234710 / 8420720072
Address: 22/173, Raja Manindra Road,
Kolkata - 700037.

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