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[   ](Cambridge Studies in Mathematical Biology (No. 4)) Hoppensteadt F.-Mathematical methods of population biology-CUP (1982).pdf2015-07-10 13:51 1.9M 
[   ]Alan Hastings (auth.)-Population Biology_ Concepts and Models-Springer-Verlag New York (1997).pdf2015-07-10 14:11 6.5M 
[   ]Darwin, Charles - Origin of Species.epub2016-08-10 17:00 1.4M 
[   ]Dawkins, Richard_ Dawkins, Richard-An appetite for wonder _ the making of a scientist _ a memoir-HarperCollins_Ecco (2013).epub2016-03-17 18:08 10M 
[   ]Dick Neal-Introduction to Population Biology-Cambridge University Press (2004).pdf2015-07-13 08:28 15M 
[   ]Elizabeth S. Allman, John A. Rhodes-Mathematical models in biology. An introduction-Cambridge University Press (2003).pdf2018-02-14 22:53 1.3M 
[   ]Lawrence M. Krauss, Richard Dawkins-A Universe from Nothing_ Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing-Atria Books (2012).mobi2016-03-17 17:22 1.0M 
[   ]Lewis Dartnell-Life in the Universe_ A Beginner's Guide-Oneworld (2012).epub2016-12-08 19:27 965K 
[   ]Lewis Dartnell-The Knowledge_ How to Rebuild Our World From Scratch-Penguin Press (2014).epub2016-12-08 19:26 1.6M 
[   ]Richard Dawkins-A devil's chaplain_ reflections on hope, lies, science, and love-Houghton Mifflin Co (2003).pdf2016-03-17 18:07 7.5M 
[   ]Richard Dawkins-Blind Watchmaker-Penguin UK (2006)(1).mobi2016-03-17 18:10 1.7M 
[   ]Richard Dawkins-Blind Watchmaker-Penguin UK (2006).mobi2016-03-17 17:34 1.7M 
[   ]Richard Dawkins-Brief Candle in the Dark_ My Life in Science-Ecco (2015).epub2016-03-17 17:27 2.9M 
[IMG]Richard Dawkins-Climbing Mount Improbable-W. W. Norton & Company (1996).djvu2016-03-17 18:13 5.7M 
[   ]The Emperor Of All Maladies [A Biography Of Cancer].epub2016-06-18 20:40 526K 
[   ]Wolfgang Arendt, Wolfgang P. Schleich-Mathematical analysis of evolution, information, and complexity-Wiley-VCH (2009).pdf2016-01-16 22:17 3.9M 

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