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[   ](De Gruyter Graduate) Gilbert Baumslag, Benjamin Fine, Martin Kreuzer, Gerhard Rosenberger-A Course in Mathematical Cryptography-Walter de Gruyter (2015).pdf2016-01-03 00:04 4.5M 
[   ](Graduate Studies in Mathematics 120) Qing Han-A Basic Course in Partial Differential Equations-American Mathematical Society (2011).pdf2015-08-07 01:12 4.0M 
[   ](v. 1) Terence Tao-Analysis I-Hindustan Book Agency (2006).pdf2016-01-14 00:01 26M 
[   ]A. J. Crilly, R. A. Earnshaw, H. Jones (auth.), A. J. Crilly, Rae A. Earnshaw, Huw Jones (eds.)-Applications of Fractals and Chaos_ The Shape of Things-Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (1993).pdf2015-06-08 17:58 14M 
[   ]A First Course in Probability 8th Edition.pdf2015-05-04 19:58 3.0M 
[   ]Abstract Algebra.pdf2014-08-03 01:37 768K 
[IMG]Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell-Principia Mathematica. Volume 1-Cambridge University Press (1910).djvu2018-03-13 11:24 7.5M 
[   ]Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell-Principia Mathematica. Volume 2-Cambridge University Press (1927).pdf2018-03-13 11:35 25M 
[   ]Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell-Principia Mathematica. Volume 3-Cambridge University Press (1927).pdf2018-03-13 11:32 15M 
[   ]Allen_Hatcher_Algebraic_topology.pdf2017-07-14 01:07 3.5M 
[   ]Calculated Bets: Computers, Gambling and Mathematical Modeling to Win.pdf2017-06-24 02:25 1.2M 
[   ]Chaotic-Dynamics.pdf2015-03-31 03:07 9.1M 
[   ]Cyrille Rossant-IPython Interactive Computing and Visualization Cookbook_ Over 100 hands-on recipes to sharpen your skills in high-performance numerical computing and data science with Python-Packt Pu.pdf2017-07-26 00:31 8.8M 
[   ]Elements of Stastical Learning.pdf2017-04-29 01:36 13M 
[   ]Eugene E. Tyrtyshnikov (auth.)-A Brief Introduction to Numerical Analysis-Birkhäuser Basel (1997)_1437575159220.pdf2015-07-22 21:12 11M 
[IMG]Godel, Escher, Bach - An Eternal Golden Braid (1979).djvu2005-06-08 12:38 9.9M 
[   ]Henri Cohen-Numerical Recipes for Number Theory (2010).pdf2017-07-26 00:19 1.5M 
[IMG]Hoffman K., Kunze R.-Linear algebra.djvu2015-08-14 02:22 3.0M 
[IMG]James_Munkres_Topology.djvu2017-07-14 01:03 4.3M 
[   ]Making Math More Fun Math Games Ideas.pdf2015-12-20 11:23 1.0M 
[   ]Math Wonders.pdf2015-12-20 11:18 4.0M 
[   ]Non-Cooperative_Games_Nash.pdf2017-04-11 02:25 1.2M 
[   ]Numerical Recipes-CUP (2007).pdf2017-07-26 00:29 21M 
[   ]Probability Theory - E.S. Wentzel.pdf2014-07-08 16:45 4.8M 
[   ]Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computation.pdf2016-02-04 00:39 180K 
[   ]Riley Hobson Bence.pdf2014-08-21 21:22 9.3M 
[   ]Souza, Silva - Berkeley Problems In Mathematics (440S).pdf2014-07-14 22:36 14M 
[   ]Thomas G.B., Weir, Hass, Giordano. Thomas's calculus (no title, no TOC)(11ed., AW, 2004)(ISBN 0321185587)(1563s)_MCet_.pdf2006-10-08 15:57 23M 
[   ]Thomas Szirtes Ph.D P.E.-Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling-Elsevier_Butterworth-Heinemann (2007).pdf2015-06-08 17:49 8.4M 
[   ]maxima.pdf2015-08-18 01:05 5.0M 

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