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[   ](Ablex Series in Artificial Intelligence) Briscoe G., Caelli T.-A Compendium of Machine Learning. Symbolic Machine Learning. vol. 1-Ablex (1996).chm2016-10-01 00:23 1.0M 
[   ](Cognitive Psychology) Esther Thelen, Linda B. Smith-A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Development of Cognition and Action-The MIT Press (1996).epub2015-12-23 21:54 3.5M 
[   ](Communications in cybernetics, systems science and engineering) Yi Lin-A systemic perspective on cognition and mathematics-CRC Press (2013).pdf2015-12-23 21:54 2.5M 
[   ](Frontiers+in+Artificial+Intelligence+and+Applications+194_+Dissertations+in+Artificial+Intelligence)+A.+Petcu-A+Class+of+Algorithms+for+Distributed+Constraint+Optimization-IOS+Press+(2009)2015-12-23 21:50 4.6M 
[IMG](Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1712 _ Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) Harold Boley (auth.)-A Tight, Practical Integration of Relations and Functions-Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (19.djvu2016-01-03 00:03 1.1M 
[   ](Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Nikos Vlassis-A concise introduction to multiagent systems and distributed artificial intelligence-Morgan and Claypool Publishers (.pdf2015-12-23 21:50 793K 
[   ](WILEY_ENCYCLOPEDIA_OF_ELECTRICAL_AND_ELECTRONICS_ENGINEERING) John G. Webster (Editor) -39.Neural Networks. 39-Wiley (1999).pdf2015-12-23 21:54 3.5M 
[IMG](Wiley Series in Computational Statistics) Robert A. Dunne-A statistical approach to neural networks for pattern recognition-Wiley-Interscience (2007).djvu2015-12-23 21:53 3.1M 
[   ]Advanced IQ Tests.pdf2015-12-20 11:12 4.6M 
[   ]An Introduction to Neural Networks.pdf2015-07-23 11:06 2.2M 
[   ]Biologically Inspired Vision and Control for Autonomous Flying Vehicle.pdf2014-12-15 09:41 3.7M 
[   ]Cognition-matlin.pdf2016-05-21 19:08 23M 
[   ]Cognitive Cellular Automata.pdf2016-02-05 21:49 127K 
[   ]David_Eagleman_The_Brain_The_Story_of_You.epub2017-07-06 16:18 50M 
[   ]Language and Mind.pdf2015-07-27 13:45 1.7M 
[   ]Tariq Rashid-Make Your Own Neural Network-CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2016).epub2018-01-31 09:00 5.5M 
[   ]The Complete Book Of Intelligence Tests.pdf2015-12-20 11:15 1.3M 
[   ]Visual Psychophysics_From Laboratory to Theory (2013).pdf2015-03-05 13:09 7.2M 
[   ]p-4032--cryptography_using_neural_network.pdf2012-09-22 00:10 957K 

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