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[   ](Princeton Studies in Complexity) Joshua M. Epstein-Generative Social Science_ Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling-Princeton University Press (2006).epub2018-03-04 22:09 3.5M 
[   ](Texts in Computer Science) Claudio Cioffi-Revilla-Introduction to Computational Social Science_ Principles and Applications-Springer (2014).pdf2018-03-04 22:04 6.8M 
[   ]Agency.pdf2014-11-05 17:16 347K 
[   ]Alan Bryman-Research Methods and Organization Studies (Contemporary Social Research) (1989).pdf2017-09-16 20:36 1.8M 
[   ]Anatol Rapoport-Mathematical Models in the Social and Behavioral Sciences .pdf2018-03-04 22:03 17M 
[   ]Bruce J. West, Malgorzata Turalska, Paolo Grigolini-Networks of Echoes Imitation, Innovation and Invisible Leaders (Computational Social Sciences)-Springer (2014).pdf2018-03-04 22:06 5.9M 
[   ]Invitation-to-sociology-Berger.pdf2014-07-28 23:20 51M 
[IMG]John G. Kemeny, J.Laurie Snell-Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences-MIT Press (1972).djvu2018-03-04 21:31 1.4M 
[   ]Richard E. Wagner-Mind, Society, and Human Action_ Time and Knowledge in a Theory of Social Economy (Routledge Foundations of the Market Economy)-Routledge (2010).epub2015-11-03 21:27 498K 
[   ]Scott de Marchi-Computational and Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences-Cambridge University Press (2005).pdf2018-03-04 22:03 5.0M 
[   ]Sociology_Giddens(5th edition).pdf2014-08-12 07:46 52M 
[   ]The Sociological Imagination.pdf2014-08-12 07:44 9.0M 
[   ]W. Lawrence Neuman Basics of Social Research Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches 2nd Edition 2006.pdf2017-04-03 19:56 7.8M 

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